Customer Satisfaction: How This Keeps Customers Happy

July 23, 2019

From farm-to-table restaurants to retail stores to specialty welding companies, every reputable business has one goal in mind, and that is to follow Paul Simon's advice, keep the customer satisfied.

Customer service ratings

But any business owner will tell you that creating customer satisfaction often feels like you’re chasing after the Holy Grail. We shake our fists at an angry sky and yell, “What is wrong with these people?”

And really, that is exactly the right question to ask. What is wrong with these people? When you think about it, we’re talking about a relationship, and you know what that means…miscommunication.

For personal relationships, it looks like this:

“That’s not what I said!”

“I never heard you say that.”


Sound familiar? The thing is we have a relationship with our customers, but the words and the miscommunication looks a little different:

“I want my money back!”

“That’s not what you promised!”

“This is the worst FILL-IN-THE-BLANK business I’ve ever been to!”

Sound painfully familiar? We’ve all had them.

The Path of Least Resistance

Every business has its own customer path. It usually looks something like this:

Graphic of brain and man with megaphone

·     Meet prospect through word of mouth, radio or TV ad, website download, etc.

·     Business follows up with emails to engage them in the business.

·     Business makes an offer

·     Customer makes a purchase

(Your customer path to purchase may look a little different, but you get the idea.) Seems pretty simple, right? Now here’s where it gets tricky. If you’ve heard me speak, you know I talk about the brain and burning calories.

The brain is a very efficient machine. It doesn’t want to use any more calories to get what it wants than it has to. The words we use to communicate must be simple, clear, direct.

That means you have to make sure the business messaging is:

·     Brain dead simple to understand

·     The language isn’t complicated

·     There are no “big” words

·     Colors are bright. Words easy to read

·     Nothing is cute, clever, or elusive

·     Not a lot of text

·     Only ONE topic, not several!

If your website, emails, or your promo violates any of these unwritten laws, you’re asking your prospect to work too hard. Their brain will rebel and refuse to burn the calories.

This can cause customers to reject your offer because it was too hard to understand. Or, they may try to engage with your brand only to be confused. That’s the birth of miscommunication, strife, and very unhappy customers.

Confusion is costly. Clarity is profitable.

The One Time Your Competitor Will Win

You can take this one to the bank. Even if your competitor has a butt ugly website, emails, or promos, if their message is on-target, clear, concise, and easy-to-understand, they will always win the business.

Customers don’t buy from the best business in town. They buy from those that make it easy for them because people will always choose the path of least caloric resistance.

Never stumble over how to tell people what you do. Download the elevator pitch template on my home page, "The Message Your Prospects are Starving to Hear." And get prospects asking YOU questions about your business!