How to Create a Tagline That Makes Money

June 26, 2019

Businesses really get worked up over tag lines. For some reason, people think this is the place to become witty, clever, cute, or sophisticated. Not so much. Save those adjectives for an art project. This is your business we're talking about.

Unless you have money to burn, you want every piece of your marketing to grow your business! Tag lines that try to be clever or cute are the enemy of making money because they're confusing.

Two Kinds of Tag Lines

When you're creating a one-sentence description of what you do, there are two considerations.

1. Does your business name clearly tell us what you do? Johnson Plumbers, Joe Jones, General Dentist. These businesses are self-explanatory. We know what a plumber and a dentist does. No explanation necessary. That means they have a little more leeway with their tag.

It also means they have the opportunity to clearly state what it is that distinguishes them from their competitors. This is huge! For example, if you're a plumbing company, you know that plumbers in your area don't show up on time to their appointments.

You, on the other hand, have made the commitment to arrive on time for your scheduled appointments.

Your tag might look like this: Johnson Plumbing--We arrive on time. The point here is to use this opportunity to address a common problem in your industry. Show your prospects how you solve it. "But," you say. "I'm in a competitive niche."

All the better! Continuing with the plumber example, take a look at this plumbing company's line.

This plumbing company is telling us they are full service. There's no guessing about what they do. The tagline answers an unspoken question the searcher has. "What kind of plumber are you?"

Your tagline should make it easy for a searcher to understand what you do. There's no guessing. No excuse to click off the page and find someone else. It's a HUGE advantage!

The simpler you can make your tagline, the more it will resonated with your audience.

2. Is your business name an elusive one? Riley & Sons, Johnson, Inc. These businesses must write a clear, concise description of what they do. An elusive name combined with a cute or clever description is a prescription for confusion. People won't buy what they don't understand.

Take a look at this business. Do you know what they do?

Tagline: "Connecting Businesses to the World"

The name of the business is elusive. At first, I thought it had something to do with vision. But then there was the technology part. So maybe it had to do with advanced vision technology? But no, that couldn't be right because it's about businesses, not eye doctors.

So what should a business like this have as a tag line? How about this: Best IT and Data Protection Services

Now I know what it does!

One last thing. Before you commit to a tag line, test it out on people who will tell you the truth. And ask them questions:

  1. Does this description tell you clearly what we do?
  2. Is there anything about this description that's confusing?

Lose the need to be artsy or clever. Choose instead to talk simply because people buy what they understand. Let your competitors get artsy and clever. You use your tag line to make money!

Never stumble over how to tell people what you do. Download the elevator pitch template on my home page, "The Message Your Prospects are Starving to Hear." And get prospects asking YOU questions about your business!