How to Get People to Really Listen to You

February 15, 2019

I recently consulted with a business on creating a much clearer marketing message for them. One of the employees insisted that everything about their message had to be positive.

While I understood the context, (nobody wants to hear a Negative Nellie all the time), this employee missed a key point.

And it’s that key point that keeps people from:

  • Reading your emails
  • Reading your marketing literature
  • Watching your videos
  • Asking questions about your business

So What Is It?

It’s simple. People connect with us when they know we get their problems. (As humans, we’re rather egocentric that way.) That’s why you always want to start with the problem first, then move to how you help them resolve that problem.

But here’s what’s really interesting…

Starting a conversation with the solution does not build trust. It only shows your prospect that you’re a problem solver, just not theirs.

When we talk to people first about the difference we can make in their lives, they don’t engage with us.

They can’t because we haven’t shown that we understand them.

For example, suppose you meet a pediatric dentist at networking event, and she says, “I’m a pediatric dentist.” That’s straightforward enough, right?

It’s interesting but do you really want to know more about her profession? Not really. But suppose she said this.

“You know how your kid hates going to the dentist because they think it’s going to be painful? Well, I’m a pediatric dentist. The kids that come to see me look forward to their visits.”

NOW, you have my attention and you have me asking more questions. That’s what a good elevator speech does. It’s a platform for engaging a person’s interest. And it’s a way to open a door to get people engaged with your brand.

In short, it’s a conversation starter. And it all starts with a problem.

Problems Get People Listening and Business Doors Opened

Sales Magnet

Starting a conversation with a problem is a way to connect, to say, “I get what you’re going through.” Following it up with “Here’s how we solve it” distinguishes you as the go-to source.

Sadly, few businesses take the time to create this kind of thoughtful marketing, and it’s costly.

However, when a business does take the time to get their message on point, they stop wasting advertising dollars and attract the right customers.

The work becomes more enjoyable, and employees know exactly what to say when someone asks, “What do you do?” But perhaps what’s most rewarding is that businesses discover what they are really selling!

And that’s a beautiful thing to see because it’s so profitable for the business.

Never stumble over how to tell people what you do. Download the elevator pitch template on my home page, "The Message Your Prospects are Starving to Hear." And get prospects asking YOU questions about your business!