These Words Keep Customers from Buying

March 16, 2019
Cat and dog trying to communicate

You see it all the time, and I bet it’s happened to you. You want to buy a product or service, and suddenly, the salesperson starts using industry jargon.

You hear words like:

-Custom centric e-commerce solutions



-Add your favorite here

But this is not just an in-person sales mistake. The same is true for your website. And, it’s one of the big reasons people don’t engage or buy from you.

It all comes down to words that people understand and relate to. Spoiler alert: Using industry geek speak, a language your prospect doesn’t understand is the fastest way to send sales elsewhere.

Here’s the deal with using big honking insider words nobody understands. For the business, it’s easy. It’s familiar. You don’t have to work very hard to come up with cleaner, simpler language.

For the prospect, it leaves them confused and headachey.

How Business Jargon Prevents Sales

Business Jargon

We think using insider jargon lets people know how knowledgeable we are. And it makes us feel smart. The problem is business jargon puts up a big barrier between us and the prospect.

Think for a moment about the world’s leading physicist, Neil Degrasse Tyson. This brilliant scientist doesn’t use insider language to talk about physics.

He keeps his message clear, simple, and direct. Because of it, people relate to what he says and enjoy his message! The same is true for Dr. Russell Blaylock, world renown neurosurgeon who spreads the message about health and nutrition worldwide.

He uses simple language to communicate a very thorny, tricky problem. The result? He, too, is highly respected and people subscribe to his newsletter, knowing they can get the information they understand.

Follow the Leaders to Win More Sales

Super smart people like these steer clear of industry jargon. In fact, they only share a fraction of what they know with the public. And what they do share is said with words their audience can relate to.

At the end of the day, the goal is to share their message so they can change people’s perceptions. They cannot do that if they are turning people off by impressing them with how smart they are.

Keep Sales Simple

As business people with services and products to sell, we must do the same thing. Instead of saying, “We deliver custom centric e-commerce solutions.”

Why not say, “We get more people reading your emails”? Simplicity in marketing always wins the day.

Here’s the bottom line…

Do you want to take the road most traveled and say what’s easiest? Or, do you want to show your customer you understand what they need, build a bridge of trust, and sell more?

If it’s the latter, that’s smart! Listen to people’s pain points and sell to that. All they want is a solution to their problem. Give it to them!

Never stumble over how to tell people what you do. Download the elevator pitch template on my home page, "The Message Your Prospects are Starving to Hear." And get prospects asking YOU questions about your business!