Website Not Working? Here’s Why

April 24, 2019

How to Create A Website That Generates Leads

“I want something catchy. Maybe even an alliteration like People. Places. Progress.” That’s a client telling me what she wants on her website header. Inwardly, I’m groaning. Know why?

Too often, as a way for business owners to distinguish themselves from the competition, they will try to come up with something cute and clever.

It just doesn’t work, folks.

What does work is clarity.  On your header (above the fold), you’ve got 6 seconds to encourage your target audience. You aren’t going to do that with a clever one-liner because no one knows what the heck you’re talking about!

Answer These 3 Questions in 6 Seconds

People’s attention spans are shot. We all know that. That’s why you only have 6 seconds to engage your prospect on your site. For the love of all things effective and profitable, choose clarity. No, it isn’t sexy, but clarity just flat out works. So with only 6 seconds, how do you engage your target market?

Answer these 3 questions:

1-What do you do?

Make sure your logo is clearly visible. Don’t make visitors hunt for it.

Mature Woman in field

2-How do you make my life better?

This is your short description. It could be something as simple as “Professional caning, refinishing, and restoration services.”

Or, it could be, “24/7 industrial repairs performed with precision accuracy, on-time, and within budget. Enjoy longer run times with extended machine life!”

The point is the description should offer something. Could be a savings in money or it could be saving time or frustration.

For the caning website, it’s simply knowing that caning is actually available. Most people don’t know you can still find a professional caner! The description could also communicate a gain like weight loss or a feeling. Whatever it is you sell, make sure it’s clear.

Businesswoman on phone

3-How do I do business with you?

If the prospect feels you’re a good fit, make it very clear how to do business with you. Should they call you? Email you? Schedule an appointment?

Do NOT have a “Learn More” button. This is not a direct call-to-action.

And for extra credit, make sure you have a photo in the header space that the prospect relates to.

Show them you understand their problem. A description like “People. Places. Progress” says what exactly?

Right. Nothing.

Answer Questions. Don’t Create Questions!

Your website is not the place for your prospect to ask 20 questions trying to understand whether you can help them. Your website is the place to answer your prospect’s most pressing questions. Take a look at the Massanutten Military Academy header.

When this website was converted to StoryBrand’s customer-centric approach, MMA saw a 35% increase in leads from their website in the fourth quarter of last year.

So, let’s add one more benefit to being clear. It sells.

Never stumble over how to tell people what you do. Download the elevator pitch template on my home page, "The Message Your Prospects are Starving to Hear." And get prospects asking YOU questions about your business!