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Turn your calling into a thriving health & wellness coaching business.


Perfect match clients.

Making a difference.

And yes,

staying true to yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs health and wellness brand storytelling staunton va
  • Can't I just get A.I. to write my website?
    Remember the computer on all the Star Trek shows? It knew everything! Chat GPT is a lot like that. It’s billions of pieces of information. It has no clear voice, doesn’t ask questions to clearly understand what’s being communicated, and it doesn’t care! Worse, there’s no assurance your marketing message will connect with your target audience.
  • Can't my designer do this work?
    Designers are great! They give form and function to the written word. But designers aren’t taught anything about marketing, SEO, or writing for target audiences (which is odd, if you think about it, because that’s why businesses turn to them—to market their businesses!) I became so frustrated with the lack of online business knowledge that I decided to include design in my work. I don't build beautiful websites; I build compelling websites. There are too many beautiful websites that aren't getting eyeballs on the page. I create websites that center around the message with the design supporting that message. As a result, my clients enjoy higher rankings, more traffic to the site, and more engagement with potential clients. ​
  • What is your work process for getting a solid message and website that works?
    I meet with you for 60-90 minutes for the Clarity & Direction Strategy Session. During our time together, I ask A LOT of questions to help you dig deeper into the objections your audience may have and their ultimate aspirations. Once I've gathered your information, I then perform client research. This usually takes about 2 weeks. Combined with the work from the Clarity & Direction Strategy Session, I write the draft. We review it and make any changes. Then, I begin work on creating your website. I'll follow any website designs that you really like to make sure the site feels 100% like you! I'll perform all the back end search engine optimization work for your website so that you show up in local search results. Typically, my clients rank on the first page of Google.
  • Besides the website copy, how else can I use your work?
    What I create for you is the foundation for all of your marketing. Use it to create ads, speaking engagements, info sheets, or really, any other form of advertising you want to do.
  • Do you do design work?
    Yes. I've made a commitment to create compelling websites that convert.
  • If you optimize the words for local search, won't it sound clunky?
    No. Good SEO copy is natural and works seamlessly in the background. This entire site has been optimized for local search. Does it sound clunky?
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