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Website Copy & Design for
Health & Wellness Coaches
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Perfect match clients.

Making a difference.

And yes,

staying true to yourself!


Not your usual website design for health and wellness coaches

Better than beautiful websites

It's always been my belief that copywriting and design are a marriage.

The two work together to draw in the right prospects and generate prospects for businesses.

Except it doesn't work that way.


The emphasis has always been on design, creating a beautiful website. Businesses turn to designers to create a beautiful site to attract their target audience.

And what happens? Crickets.

I got so tired of writing copy for the clients of designers, knowing that the website wouldn't rank that well because it had never been optimized to do so.

Designing for Conversion

In desperation, I tried my hand at website design. To my surprise, my clients liked the work, and I certainly enjoyed it immensely.

But here's the difference.

I made it clear that the website design would support the copy, not the other way around.

I wanted to create compelling websites, not beautiful, empty-headed models that no one saw unless the website address was given to them.

Again, to my surprise, my clients were fine with that. After all, businesses turn to designers to create business.

It takes a lot of work to do the whole kitten caboodle, but it's worth it. As Katrina Weiland, a local chiropractor said:

"I am no longer on page 2. I actually show up in the top 3 on Google. I've had more patients say they found me on Google. Patients say I was looking at your website and I think you have what I need." Katrina Weiland, Chiropractor

Getting found online and getting business. Isn't that they way it's supposed to work?

Now that I do the work myself, I can control the entire process from wordsmithing to keyword research to design and website optimization.

I feel like I'm finally doing authentic work that makes a difference. Maybe you can relate.

If so, I'd love to talk with you!

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