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staying true to yourself!


About Susan

Hello, Fellow Connector!

Four cats, an aversion to weekly housecleaning, and a rescue rabbit who's indoor quarters is in my office. Nothing about my life screams Martha Stewart.

Farmer Husband raises a very small herd of Red Poll cattle. We can't call it organic because it's not USDA certified, but it's grass fed beef and unofficially organic.

I've never been much of a meat eater but I respect the love my husband has for farming and for eating clean food.

We have a garden each year (okay, Farmer Husband does the work), and we're careful about what we buy in the grocery store. Whenever possible, we seek out small, independent businesses and avoid corporations.

While I'm a poor cook and house cleaner, I'm a thoughtful writer. And yes, I spend a lot of time in my head trying to untangle the ideas that will make copy work.

That means I'm not very grounded ("Where's the butter?" Right in front of you.) But I'm completely focused on how to make the words on a page tell the story that prompts action.

I now do web design because I became so frustrated with designers because they won't do the backend work that makes a website visible to Google.

I don't believe in beautiful websites, but I do believe in compelling ones. That's how you get conversions. Which would you prefer?

I believe Brene Brown is right; we have to be vulnerable to be really seen because that's where the connection is. And I admit to struggling with being seen, warts and all.

I think Gabor Mate is also right; the body doesn't lie. Every day, I seek to make friends with my body so that I can enjoy this gift called life.

I love all aspects of health and wellness because I know the deeper truths to living the life you want goes far beyond what our mainstream culture teaches us to want.

If you're a health and wellness writer who wants to make a difference in the world, I'm a health and wellness writer who wants you to make that difference.

The world needs you. Let's chat.


How to Talk About Yourself & Grow Your Business Without Turning Off Your Audience

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