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Website Copy & Design for
Health & Wellness Coaches
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Perfect match clients.

Making a difference.

And yes,

staying true to yourself!


I know.

You had no idea it would be this hard to attract the clients you really want to work with. Sometimes it feels like you're spinning your wheels, getting nowhere fast.

How do you attract your perfect match clients to your website?

Why is your website performance meh?

How can you see more results from website marketing?

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Most Health & Wellness Website Copy Fails--And This Is Why

vector people not understanding what's being said.

Coaches don't want to come across salesy or pushy.

Traditional website sales copy doesn't work for the health and wellness sector.

Practitioners talk endlessly about themselves to forge a connection. But that doesn't work either.

Your perfect match client is looking for a deeper connection with you.

Like this...

"In the last 3-4 months, since launching the website Susan wrote, I've generated over $6,000 in income with 70%-80% of my clients recurring. Thank you!"

Tyler Randolph, DC

How to Make Your Website a "Perfect Match" Client Attractor--And Stay True To Yourself

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It's simple, really. Write your website copy much in the same way you coach a client.

You want to talk about:

The challenges she faces.

The obstacles that keep her from making a change.

What makes you the right coach to reach her goals..

Encourage her to take inspired action!

Be authentic. Doesn't that just feel right?

Should I say this?

But there's one, big problem...

No, maybe add that instead.

No, wait! Let's just add it all!

Marketing is so complicated!

It's r-e-a-l-ly hard to write your own website marketing copy.

The Curse of Knowledge kicks in.


You're swimming in a mountain of overwhelm.

You've got a confusing jumble of words that cost you leads and business.

That's where I come in...

vector of a worried woman

I'm overwhelmed.

My website can't bring me any leads anyway.

Where do I find my peeps?

"Three months after launching our site, I had 10 new clients, resulting in $9,000 in revenue. Thank you, Susan!"

Katrina Weiland, DC

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Hi, I'm Susan.

I help passionate health and wellness practitioners turn mountains of overwhelm into a clear soul-connecting message that your target audience loves, encouraging them to take action.

Your website marketing message feels natural and aligned with your values because it is!

(Learn more about me here.)

Never, ever salesy but 100% a "perfect match" client attractor. (Pinky promise)

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freelance health and wellness copywriter

"I believe there is nothing more important than authentically connecting with your audience, encouraging them to take inspired action to grow beyond what they believe they can achieve."

Tell your truth.

In your words.

From your heart.

Attract your perfect match clients.

Vector of a happy health and wellness coach at her computer.

Attract the clients that are right for your practice!

Let me communicate your value in a way that makes it easy for would-be clients to say "YES!"

And there's one more perk...

"Lemon's story was a huge hit! Several people have emailed to say that they loved it. We have raised over $4,000 in donations. A donor was inspired to give a $2,000 matching grant for the second leg surgery. So far we have raised another $700 in matching funds." Sara Outler, The Mosby Foundation

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Health & Wellness Marketing Writer + Website Designer

One stop shop.

I'll expertly craft your health and wellness website message and I'll build a compelling website that attracts your target audience.

Fully optimized. (AKA Google-friendly)

Don't be the world's best kept coaching secret. That serves no one!

Give yourself full permission to show up as yourself and share your gifts generously.


Ready? It would be my honor to help you make a real difference in the world.

Book a free 30-minute consult now!

copywriter for health and wellness coaches
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