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Let me guess.

You love what you do but you hate marketing. When you hear words like SEO copywriting, local search, and business brand storytelling, your stomach clutches and you try not to run screaming from the room.


Yep. I get it.

Brand stories
that convert

Build trust with clear website messaging.
Get found on Google.

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Let me guess.

You love your work but you hate marketing. When you hear a marketing professional use words like local SEO, Google maps marketing, and meta descriptions...

Well, it's all you can do to keep from screaming and running from the room.

Yep. I get it!

You're struggling to explain what you do so that your target audience gets it...and takes action.

But you don't know the words to write to attract your target audience.

Join the

authentic brand storytelling staunton va

But there's still that pesky problem.

(Here's why Chat GPT can't write it for you.)

creating a brand story in Augusta County, VA

Wouldn't it be fabulous if you could tell your story in your voice and get results?

You absolutely can. You don't have to hide your personality style or create a boring message to please the search engines to get results.

You be you!

I don't want your business. I want your success.

When you succeed, I succeed.

(Learn more about the secret to effective brand stories here.)

5 telltale signs we need to talk...

Limited Budget


You don't have a humongous budget like Pepsi. So, you can't spend stupid amounts of money on marketing that probably won't work.

Who Are You Again?


You sound like your competitors. The public doesn't see the difference even though your service is inherently better.

Regulated Industry


You're a helping professional that's in a strictly regulated industry and can't take advantage of mainstream marketing strategies. You feel stuck!

Complex Idea


You've got a complex idea that needs to be simplified and you don't know how to do that.

Price Showdowns


Customers beat you up on price even though you offer more value than your competitors.

Brand stories that convert

Stop trying to do business in an inauthentic way!

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How much is it costing you to keep doing business that doesn't reflect who you are?


Worse, it doesn't attract YOUR peeps!


There's no need to keep wasting your valuable time and money.


No more DIY. No more letting your cousin Harry handle your website.


Your business deserves better … and so do you!

(Learn more about conversational and good SEO copy here.)

I don't know what you do, Susan. I just know it works."

Lisa Roberts, Apple Pie Farm

How to Talk About Yourself & Grow Your Business Without Turning Off Your Audience

Self-Promotion screenshot

A cheat sheet that shows you the right way to talk about yourself, gain trust, and get the right clients.

I don't want your business. I want your success!

And that's important to both of us. That's why I monitor your site's "health," making sure I've done everything to make it highly searchable.

For the next 30 days, if my tests tells me something isn't working the way it should, I make the changes.

I want to be sure you have a superior advantage over your competitors!

(Here's my local SEO process.)

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Set Up a Consult

Set up a complimentary 30-minute consult. Let's talk about your website marketing and how to position your business.

Get a Strong Website Message

Get a website message that attracts your target audience and is search engine friendly.

Get found on Google

Get found on Google with local search marketing. Make your website earn its keep!

"Susan's words jump into the mind of your customer, immediately creating images that people can see themselves taking part. Susan's work on newsletters and campaigns returned $81,708 in new reservations for Iris Inn in 2019."

Heidi Lanford, former co-owner of the Iris Inn.

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