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Health and Wellness Coaching Brand Stories That Convert

Creating a brand story is an essential part of your online success. A clear website message that shows your audience how you solve their problem is at the heart of conversions.

The most important aspect of a brand story is using your voice and the words that resonate strongly with your target audience.

Show the world what makes you different. Shine! This will attract the people who love your energy and will want to work with you.

Combined with seamless search engine optimization, you're set up for success! Learn more about SEO for coaches here.

Too often, coaches want to use industry jargon in their marketing message. Please don't make that mistake!

Industry speak is for people in the industry. With your marketing message, use words that your clients use in talking about their pain points and the transformations they want to see.

This shows your audience that you really get them. It builds trust and authority!

You can dig a little deeper into my framework for coaches here.

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A Word About the Words You Use

Here's the secret to telling effective health and wellness brand stories.

Talk about your audience's pain points. Show them that you understand them.

Show them the path forward and how to get there.

Addressing obstacles to success and how to remove them.

Show them what makes you different and how you can help.


Show your audience you understand them and can give them what they want.


Tell your brand story so that prospects identify with your message. This takes a lot of skill and thoughtful preparation.


Then, that story must be blended with a good SEO copywriting strategy.


When you’re ready to explore the benefits of strong brand messaging, consider scheduling 30-minutes with me. It’s complimentary and you’ll get at least 3 tips to help you stand out in your health and wellness niche.

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