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Turn your calling into a thriving health & wellness coaching business.


Perfect match clients.

Making a difference.

And yes,

staying true to yourself!

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Past Projects

Main Paige Media

Showing the Value of Video

Main Paige Media needed a marketing message that reflected the value she brings to her clients through videography. Short, punchy copy quickly showed her audience what makes her different and why you should hire her.

First Impressions by Julie Wagner

A Warm, Caring Professional

Julie works with people who want to redecorate their home but have no idea how to bring their vision to life. For her website, it was important to position her not just as the authority on interior decorating. She needed to be seen as the warm, friendly professional she is who handles their interior design easily and confidently.

Wild Yeast Bake Shoppe

Sharing the benefits of long fermented sourdough bread

Gluten intolerant? Just want to eat healthier? Wild Yeast Bake Shoppe shares what makes their bread so good. And it is! The sell it out everywhere they go.

Judith Dreyer

Shows how you can interpret your own dreams.

Judith's business works with the metaphysical. She needed to address the "woo-woo" aspect of her work. Then she needed to show the real value in understanding your dreams and how they can help you move forward positively in life.

Commonwealth Real Estate Group

Demonstrating Her Value

Melissa wanted to show her audience her process for working with buyers and sellers, and that she understood their challenges.

Bryan Tool & Machining

Creating a Clear Plan

Bryan Tool needed to show manufacturers they understood the problems they faced in finding a machining and fabrication facility that stood by their work, stayed within the timeline, and within budget. It was important to show a clear 3-step plan to manufacturers so they could see the company’s commitment, their authority, and the ease of working with them.

Higgins Chair Caning

Showing Care and Quality

Alice needed to show her audience she understood how personal and important their family possessions were to them. We used before and after photos to show the quality of her craftsmanship. I also stressed the importance of preserving these visual memories so that future generations could enjoy them. She stays booked.


Stating Expertise in Executive Coaching

This executive coaching firm needed a message that appealed to organizations seeking executive coaching for their teams. They needed a message that clearly communicated their values, their expertise, and the tremendous benefit they bring to improving work cultures.

Pristine Hoods

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Pristine Hoods, a new business, needed to show restaurant owners that the business was fully qualified to do the work, and that they were easy to work with. A simple website design and a strong message achieved just that.

Augusta Radon & Mold

Educating and Demonstrating Value

Augusta Radon wanted to educate their audience on the dangers of radon and mold, and to show that their was a local, professional option for remediation and mitigation.

Genesis Midwifery Services

Showing Care and Knowledge

Genesis needed to appeal to women who were thinking about home birthing but were concerned about the risks. I wrote copy showing pregnant women the many benefits Genesis offered and how personal the care was. The copy also addressed the many questions women have about home birthing, easing their fears. Women love this site because of the information it provides!

Staunton West End Business Association

Bringing Awareness and Promotion

This association needed to expand the awareness of the community-at-large about the many benefits of living on the West End of Staunton, VA, which I did. I also promoted the diverse business opportunities on the West End.

Apple Pie Farm

Clearly demonstrating the value of a micro wedding

Apple Pie Farm needed to bring home the value of having a micro wedding at their farm as well as the unique experience it offers. It was important to convey the quality of the experience, that you didn't need a big price tag to have a great small wedding.

Valley Fire Safety, LLC

Showing Knowledge and Expertise

Valley Fire Safety, LLC needed to show their expertise and willingness to work around small business owners' schedules.

Nico's SMP & Hair Studio

Bringing public awareness

An unusual business that offers a great service for people with hair loss!

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