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Health & Wellness
Authentic Alignment Framework

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Clarity & Direction Strategy Session

60-90 minutes. First, we'll talk about the client you most want to work with and why.


We'll uncover exactly what your target audience really wants to achieve from coaching, what's holding them back, and how to position yourself as the go-to coach to help them achieve what they most desire. (Similar to your own coaching session)

The Missing Link "Perfect Match" Client Research

Then, I dig into your prospect's world, uncovering deeper reasons for why a life change is important to them.


This is the missing link for forging a real connection. It fills in any informational gaps our strategy session may not have covered.


Using this research and information from the strategy session, I'll write copy your audience can immediately relate to and respond to. All with zero salesy talk.

Defining Your Brand Voice

Next, we discuss your coaching style. Are you a sage advisor offering clarity and wisdom? The outlaw for those on a leadership path? The explorer who fosters bravery and non-conformity?


Whatever your style, we'll find your unique voice and use it to authentically deliver a powerful message to attract your target audience!

The Website "Spread the Word" Plan

Now that we have your message crystal clear, you must have a website that's more than a pretty face.


Compelling copy that demonstrates your authority in your niche. Researched keywords for your niche and location, skillfully weaving them into the copy, helping you to get found online in your local area.


The back end website search engine optimization. Google needs that to help you rank and get found locally.

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Start here

Includes copy for your home page, services page, about page, and contact us page. website design, internal and outbound linking on pages. Plus instruction on how to properly optimize your Google Business Profile (a must for getting found on the web!)

What My Clients Say

Susan Vincent, Health and Wellness Writer & Designer

Name, Title

Don't miss out! Susan is absolutely lovely and helps make marketing make sense! She has a beautiful way of helping to honor your story.  Matt & Michelle Bailey
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