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How to Make Customer Reviews Work for You

Man's hand giving a good customer review.

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all." Michael LeBoeuf

Great customer reviews are so important because they show prospective clients the value of your products or services.

But it’s not just that. Good customer reviews showcase your company’s reputation. It sends a buying signal that you’re trustworthy, that it’s okay to do business with you.

In fact, good customer reviews enhance brand awareness and your reputation!

So how can you use these reviews on your website to really make a distinct impression on would-be customers?

Here’s what I do.

Make Your Customer Reviews Part of Your Brand Storytelling

On many websites, you’ll see reviews bundled together in a carousel. The review flashes on the screen for a few seconds and then moves to the next review.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but I think there’s a better way. I want my reviews to support the claims I’m making on my website.

If they are all bundled together, how does that nudge the visitor into making a positive buying decision?

That’s why I make my reviews part of my brand storytelling. Here’s how it works.

For my business, it's all about trust. There are a lot of marketing companies working in the small business marketing/local SEO sector that charge big bucks. Many times, small businesses don't even understand what they are paying for.

I reassure the visitor that I’m not looking to make a quick buck. I want them to be successful. Because seriously, folks, my success is hinged on their success.

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Then, in the next section, I provide a stand alone testimonial. This is a pretty powerful review, but imagine if I had lumped it together with other customer reviews on a carousel. It would get lost!

customer review, augusta county va

This testimonial strongly supports my claim that I get people results. Lisa's words are far more powerful than if I had said them myself--and they back up my claim.

Finally, further down on the page, I encourage the reader to consider making their website work for them.

Most of the time, people don’t have any real concept that their website actually could work for them if it’s written properly and optimized for local search. So, I address that.

I show the visitor with a 3-step plan what it looks like to work with me. Then I pair the copy with a strong review. The two work together beautifully!

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And that’s how customer reviews should work, in my opinion. It makes far more sense to sprinkle them throughout your home page to help ease your visitor into making a buying decision that's good for her and for you!

Want some local content marketing and local SEO tips? Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consult with me. Bring a pen and paper. You'll want to write these tips down to use later!


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