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Customer Satisfaction: How This Keeps Customers Happy

Florist talking to woman about her order.

From farm-to-table restaurants to specialty welding companies, every reputable business has one goal in mind, keeping the customer satisfied.

But when a customer brings in an ad, either digital or offline, and begins to argue with you about what the promo says, hello, trouble!

Why did your promotion seem so straightforward to you, but confusing to your customer? Usually, it comes down to one big no-no, unclear ad writing.

That’s why listening to your customer’s feedback will teach more about sales than 4 years in a prestigious business school!

Here’s how you can make sure communication with your audience is clear and ramp up customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction: The Path of Least Resistance

If you’ve heard me speak, you know I talk about the brain and burning calories. To briefly recap, the brain is a very efficient machine. It doesn’t want to use any more calories to get what it wants than it has to.

That’s why the words we use to communicate must be simple, clear, direct. Whether it’s in an promo or in-store. Follow these 6 guidelines to keep your customer engaged, interested, and ready to buy!

Lose the industry jargon-They will cost you money every. single. time. Nobody but you and your staff know what you’re talking about. Leave the jargon behind the counter. It’s a sales killer.

Use brain dead simple words—Forget the college words; write at a 6th grade level. If your prospect has to ponder what the offer is really about, you’ve already lost them. Choose words everyone understands. KISS (Keep it simple, sweetie!)

Easy to follow layout—Colors are bright. And again, words are easy to read. Are you sensing a theme?

Nothing is cute, clever, or elusive—EVER! Straightforward puts money in your pocket every time.

Not a lot of text—Keeping text to a minimum keeps confusion away.

Sell ONE topic/service, not several! Sell one item or service at a time. More than that and it gets confusing.

If your website, emails, or your promo violates any of these unwritten laws, you’re asking your prospect to work too hard. Their brain will rebel and refuse to burn the calories.

This can cause customers to reject your offer because it was too hard to understand. Or, they may try to engage with your brand only to be confused. That’s the birth of miscommunication, strife, and very unhappy customers.

‍Confusion is costly. Clarity is profitable.

Take This One to the Bank

Even if your competitor has a butt ugly website, emails, or promos, if their message is on-target, clear, concise, and easy-to-understand, they will always win the business.‍

That’s because customers don’t buy from the best business in town. They buy from those that are easiest to understand. People will always choose the path of least caloric resistance.

Make sure your business offers that path! It’s the surest way to customer satisfaction and preserving your sanity.


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