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The Forgotten Sales Technique

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“The only way I can get you to do anything is by giving you what you want.” Dale Carnegie

Farmer Husband loves heirloom breeds. That’s why he gets the Livestock Conservancy magazine. Me? I just like to look at the ads.

In this magazine, you can find small, independent farmers fiercely devoted to critical or endangered breeds of animals—everything from chickens to really strange looking cattle.

Their commitment to preserving these breeds is shared in articles, and it’s truly inspiring. These farmers, both young and not-so-young, explain why it’s important to preserve the heritage of these breeds, and how beneficial they are to humans.

But when it comes to ads, these dedicated folks forgot the most important component that makes an ad convert--why.

Take a look.

Heirloom poultry

This ad tells us this is the world’s rarest poultry. That certainly grabs my attention. But wait! What happened?

There’s no more information given. Why is the rarity of this bird so important? Is that its only selling point? This ad forgot the most important sales connection technique.

People buy based on why.

Why should I buy the world's rarest poultry? What are the benefits? You’re asking farmers to invest a lot of money into this breed based on one claim.

That’s not much to go on.

But it’s not just farmers who miss the golden opportunity to connect with their audience and make more sales.

Check out this wedding planner website:

bride and groom at their wedding

The headline, “A Unique Perspective of a Time-Honored Tradition,” can hardly be seen, and the call-to-action is ENGAGE. (Star Trek?)

It’s a beautiful site but none of it tells you why you should hire this person to plan your wedding.

Indeed, even the headline doesn’t speak to solving a bride’s pain points. The main focus is a beautiful wedding.

I’d love to show you a wedding planner site that does have a good strong WHY, but I could not find one. If you find one, I’d love to see it!

As a substitute, I’m showing you a site I did for a local micro wedding venue.

happy couple on their wedding day

This site is only a few months old and is already ranking #1 organically for its main keywords. Can you see the difference?

The copy invites the reader in by quickly addressing the main pain point of getting hitched—it’s expensive—and the promise of a “fabulous, intimate wedding.” (And it is a fabulous venue!)

Instead of trying to appeal to everyone, this business knows its audience, zeroes in on its pain points and offers a wonderful solution.

Immediately, the site tells the visitor why they should do business with Apple Pie Farm. The copy is warm, embracing, and relatable.

Folks, the money is in the why. As Donald Miller, founder of StoryBrand Marketing famously said,

“If you don’t give people a reason to do business with you, people have no reason to do business with you.”

From buying chickens to planning a special occasion, the public has many choices.

So, out of all of those choices, why should people choose you? Tell them. That's how you build trust and make sales.

Want your website to appeal to your target audience and generate more leads? Set up a 30-minute complimentary consult with me. Let me show you how to start getting results in about 90 days.


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