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Let me guess.

Marketing Message Falling Flat?

I believe there is nothing more important than authentically connecting with your audience, encouraging them to take inspired action to grow beyond what they believe they can achieve.


Brand stories for coaches and consultants.

Let me guess.

You love your work but you hate marketing.

Just the thought of trying to market yourself makes you want to run screaming from the room.

Yep. I get it!

You're struggling to explain what you do so that your target audience gets it...and takes action.

But you don't know the words to write to attract your target audience.

Join the

authentic brand storytelling staunton va

But there's still that pesky problem.

(Here's why Chat GPT can't write it for you.)

Maybe this sounds familiar...

Complex Idea

I've got a complex idea and I don't know how to make it easy to understand.

Communicate Value

I don't know how to communicate my value so that I can command the fees I deserve.

Lack Engagement

I don't know what to say to get people to engage with my brand and buy.

Sound Like Competitors

I sound like my competitors but my service is superior.

Conflicting Advice

I'm getting conflicting advice from marketing "pros." I'm confused. I just want someone to help me!

Money Dump

I'm afraid to spend MORE money because you're afraid the next guru's advice won't work.

creating a brand story in Augusta County, VA

Wouldn't it be fabulous if you could tell your story in your voice and get results?

You absolutely can. You don't have to hide your personality style or create a boring message to please the search engines to get results.

You be you!

 I Use the Connection Response Copywriting Framework

The business storytelling copywriting framework that elevates your prospect's desire and prompts action.

Your Uniqueness

Showcase what makes you the obvious professional to work with.

Kitchen Table Talk

Make the words relatable, using words your audience uses. Throw out jargon.

Social Proof

Strategically add testimonials to further demonstrate your superb value.

SEO On-Page Practice

I'll seamlessly incorporate keywords to help you get found more easily in local search.

Trust & Authority

Remove the fear of doing business with you. Demonstrate your authority & trustworthiness.

Complex Ideas

I turn complex ideas into easy, relatable copy, making it easier for your prospect to take action.


I craft the story your audience wants to hear. They keep reading because it shows you get them.

Strong Call-to-Action

Most entrepreneurs get this one wrong. I'll show you how to position a strong CTA.

"When you Google Mountainside Chiropractic, I am no longer on page 2. I actually show up in the top 3 on Google. I've had more patients say that they found me on Google. Patients say I was looking at your website and I really think you have what I need.

Katrina Weiland, DC


Best of all, you are fully protected with my writing guarantee.

I'm happy when you're happy! If you're not over-the-moon with my copy for any reason, I'll make it right.

Whether it's a refinement, a re-write, or even a refund, I won't stop until you're 100% happy with my work.

freelance seo copywriter staunton va

I don't know what you do, Susan. I just know it works."

Lisa Roberts, Apple Pie Farm

Stand Out. Shine. Grow.

Attract More Targeted Leads

Repel tire kickers! Targeted copy attracts more qualified leads.

Improve Conversions

With strong copy that speaks to your target audience, you'll reduce wasteful ad spend.

Shorten the Sale Cycle

Targeted copy can shorten the lead nurturing and sales process.

Improve Your Market Positioning

Good copy digs deep into the mind of your most highly qualified prospects.

How to Talk About Yourself & Grow Your Business Without Turning Off Your Audience

Self-Promotion screenshot

A cheat sheet that shows you the right way to talk about yourself, gain trust, and get the right clients.

My VIP Clients are...

Small, cool businesses, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs. That's my specialty, my passion.

"Susan is a great listener and a skilled word crafter. Very easy and fun to work with. Also responsive with a quick turnaround. I highly recommend!"


Dale Morse, Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing


Why waste your valuable time, money and energy trying to figure this stuff out on your own?

Set Up a Consult

Take 30-minutes and talk to me. Tell me what you fear most about your business and what you feel drawn to do!

Get the Right Message

Let's create a marketing message that's heartfelt, genuine, and attracts your target audience.

Grow the Smart Way

Tell the right story. Reach the right audience and grow your business the smart way.

"Susan's words jump into the mind of your customer, immediately creating images that people can see themselves taking part. Susan's work on newsletters and campaigns returned $81,708 in new reservations for Iris Inn in 2019."

Heidi Lanford, former co-owner of the Iris Inn

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